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NEW! March 17/17 — Analysis: Reports of drug side effects see major increase.

January 1/17 — The Daisy Project: escaping psychiatry and rediscovering love. Daisy's story inspires others to never give up, and to believe that they too can regain control and rediscover the light and love in their own lives.

December 31/16 — Why do we doctors so often fail to see symptoms are drug side effects?

December 8/16 — The harms of antipsychotic drugs: evidence from key studies.

November 15/16 — Canadian children now take far more mood-altering drugs, prescription count shows.

October 24/16 — The Benzodiazepine Medical Disaster is a documentary that tells the hidden story of how benzodiazepines can both maim and kill. Professor Heather Ashton compares it to the Thalidomide scandal. Added to our Video Links.

October 21/16 — Hospitals struggle to address terrifying and long-lasting ‘ICU delirium’

October 14/16 — Systemic review finds antidepressants double the risk for agitation and violence in healthy volunteers.

October 3/16 — Explosion in the number of prescriptions of antidepressants for seniors (French — Le Journal de Montréal). Google translation to English.

September 2/16 — Opiods and anti-anxiety medication are killing white American women.

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Antidepressants and Violence

Navy-yard Shooter Aaron Alexis's past fell just short of raising alarm.

  • Aaron Alexis was on the antidepressant Trazodone at the time of the shootings.
  • The timelines and his calm, organized behaviour are well aligned with someone experiencing an antidepressant-induced psychotic episode:
    • Aug 23 — prescribed Trazodone for insomnia.
    • Aug 28 — still not sleeping, dosage increased.
    • Sept 14 — practiced shooting with shotgun and purchased shotgun.
    • Sept 16 — shooting.
  • The FDA has several reports on the connection between Trazodone and homicide.

See the violence category at

SSRI Stories has 5000+ news articles documenting antidepressant-induced violence and bizarre behavior.


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Updated: March 17, 2017

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Bonnie's Story

Photo of Bonnie

Bonnie was a brilliant, creative, curious, kind person who took her life due to Benzodiazepine withdrawal. She had worked very hard to taper off of benzodiazepines for over 21 months then took her life 4 weeks after completing her taper.

Bonnie's Story (PDF–84 KB) is a tribute to Bonnie's struggle to recover from benzodiazepines.

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